Auxiliary and optional equipments

Gas treatment and gas preparation system:

Gas blower:

Usually the pressure of the fermented or generated gases on other ways is not enough to operate a gas engine, so the pressure of gas shall be increased to ca. 100 mbar in order to get smooth operation. We apply explosion proof gas blowers in order to conform to the local regulations. The gas blower can be delivered separately –in that case the installation is task of the costumer- or mounted in container or mounted on a steel frame structure with other gas treatment system.

Gas dryer system:

The biogas is getting to the unit with 100% relative humidity which must be reduced to the required level based on the technical specification of the gas engine. For this purpose we developed our gas dryer system. The cooling procedure extracts the water from the gas and the heatig procedure reduces the relative humidity to below the required level.

Active carbon filter:

Using of active carbon filter can reduce the sulfour content of the fermented biogas or the level of the silicate containing gases in biogas generated from sewage water sludge.

Emergency gas burner:

Unburned methane containing gases cannot be released into the atmosphere considering environmental reasons so during maintenance or malfunction of gas engines the fermented biogas must be burned by using of the emergency gas flare. The emergency gas flare produced by TRIOTECHNIK operates fully automatically and it can be turned on remotely by a supervisor system.